SEO works!

The new U-Lab website has an SEO factor, and that works.
We normally pay a great deal of attention to search engine optimization (also known as SEO); for our own website we actually included a few "try outs". All in all, we can conclude that approximately 40 pages had been indexed within a record time of 3 days after the launch. Most of the search words (combinations) that are important to us result in positions of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd page in Google. Normally, this requires several weeks.

It is nice to see that this has a direct effect on the visitors’ statistics (see figure). And, as the icing on the cake, a first prospect visit that obviously came from the improved search results. The investment is therefore more than worth it.



Curved screen iPhone 5?

According to new rumours, the iPhone 5 will no longer have a flat screen, but a curved one. Apple seems to have purchased two to three hundred glass-cutting machines. 
DigiTimes reported this based on sources inside the industry. Apple is alleged to have purchased the machinery itself because the manufacturers of glass for gadgets were not prepared to make such a large investment. The fourth and fifth generations of the iPod Nano already have a curved screen. The curved glass referred to by the DigiTimes would be intended for the iPhone 5. When it will be launched is not yet known. According to the latest rumours, Apple may first introduce an improved version of the iPhone 4 in September. It would carry the name iPhone 4s and rely on the dual-core A5 processor which can also be found in the iPad 2.

source: zdNet



Art & Copy

While not totally new anymore, but for the enthusiast, for those who think they know what their "own" taste is or simply because there is more than iStock and CMS, there is the documentary Art & Copy , which you absolutely must see. In this mad, prize-winning documentary, the great American ad boys—the creators of “Just do it’, “Got Milk", "I Love NY" and "Volkswagen"— tell their story. Ideas that have literally changed the world. Don't miss it. 

 "A deeply fascinating'll probably never be able to look at commercials and ads the same way again." 




A lot lighter, but still a heavyweight

Two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recordings, the Apple dual-core A5 chip and the same battery life of 10 hours—all in a thinner and lighter design. iPad now has even more to offer and is now even more unique in its category.

Thinner, lighter and brimming with smart ideas

Once you have your hands on an iPad 2 you will never want to go back. That is now precisely the idea behind its totally new design. iPad is 33 percent thinner and up to 15% percent lighter, which makes it even more enjoyable. Furthermore, Internetting, e-mailing, watching films and reading books come so naturally that you almost forget that you have an extremely advanced device in your hands.